FAST Card (ATM Savings Account) Launching
Date Updated: July 19, 2019 01:19:47 PM | Author: null


Last September 17, 2018, Katipunan Bank launched its newest deposit product that makes banking easier than ever, the Katipunan Bank FAST Card.  It’s an interest-bearing ATM Savings Account that allows cardholders to access their accounts and transact 24/7 at any BancNet ATMs in the country.   Clients can withdraw cash, transfer funds, re-order checkbooks, and pay their bills at Katipunan Bank ATMs and other ATMs bearing the BancNet logo using the Katipunan Bank FAST Card.  With Katipunan Bank FAST Card, clients can conveniently access cash via ATMs instead of visiting the branch and can likewise purchase goods without the need for a credit card.  This product allows clients to enjoy greater convenience and safer banking as all ATM Cards were made EMV-ready and all Katipunan Bank ATMs were made EMV compliant to provide an added level of protection for client transactions.

Katipunan Bank continues to innovate with a focus on responding to the needs of its clients.  Through its innovative initiatives and efforts, it shall continue to further improve its delivery of being its clients “Katabang sa Kalampusan”.